V4 Extruder Upgrade + Rev F/G Cooling Kit

If you're looking to upgrade your V3b Hot End, then you're in the right place!

With the V4 Extruder Upgrade kit, you can reach higher temperatures (up to 300 °C) while also reducing your material's residence time at elevated temperatures.

In addition to all necessary installation hardware, the V4 Extruder Upgrade Kit includes:

  • 1 - Optimized Z Endstop Clamp
  • 1 - V4 Hot End
  • 1 - V4 Filament Drive with Rev F/G fan cooling
  • 1 - V4 Mounting Plate with Rev F/G cooling system
  • 1 - Metal Motor Mount
  • 1 - V4 Belt Clamp

* This upgrade kit is compatible only with M2 3D printers purchased after November 2013 or with earlier M2 3D printers that have already installed the 24 V Power Supply Upgrade Kit. If you purchased your M2 3D printer before November 2013 but have not installed the 24 V Power Supply Upgrade Kit, our "Standard PLUS" Power Supply Upgrade Kit includes both products bundled together.

Assembly Instructions

(Before September 2022): Assembly Instructions

Please note that you will need to upgrade your firmware before using this product. Please visit  http://firmware.makergear.com  to download the correct firmware.

To remove or swap a nozzle, it is important to remove the hot end from the mount first or the barrel will likely be damaged.  Please watch these videos on removing your V4 hot end from the mounting plate and removing the nozzle from your V4 hot end .


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