Each MakerGear printer is tested at the factory and ready to use right out of the box. With our Quick Start software, step-by-step user guide, and helpful set-up videos, we’ve designed the experience to have you printing as quickly as possible.        

Low Maintenance  Our printers' solid steel frames and CNC machined cast aluminum construction keep all moving parts in alignment and yield consistent prints year-after-year. Our True-Level design eliminates the need for auto-leveling or constant tweaking between prints. Less frustration for your students means less frustration for you.  

Built to Last  Quality construction is at the heart of all we do. We design and manufacture all of our printers at our factory in Northeast Ohio, and before each one leaves the shop we make sure it lives up to our high standards, so that it can give you great results year after year. 

Real Support  If you ever need to contact us for support, our team is staffed with MakerGear experts. We have an established record of providing prompt, friendly and knowledgeable technical support.






MakerGear is proud to partner with RIPPL3D to encourage and resource students in STEM. 

RIPPL3D's engaging and thoughtfully designed STEM challenges and web app are a great addition to your science classroom or school's resource pool. You can learn more about how to access their challenges by visiting RIPPL3D.

And you can find RIPPL3D at a location near you! Stop by to see a challenge in action, or bring your class along to join in the fun!