Upgrade Guides

V4 Rev F/G Cooling Upgrade

To upgrade from the V3 extruder to the V4 extruder, simply purchase your V4 Rev F/G Cooling Upgrade and follow the instructions provided by the assembly guide, listed in the link below:

Download Assembly Guide - V4 Rev F/G Cooling Upgrade

(Before September 2022):

Download The Old Assembly Guide - V4 Rev F/G Cooling Upgrade


Metal Rambo Case Upgrade

Download Assembly Guide.     

Keep in mind:
Not much force is needed to tighten screws that connect plastic parts; screws in metal parts should be a bit tighter. You can sometimes see when plastic parts begin to become over-tightened when the part begins to deform or turn a whitish color, but this is not always the case.


Metal Motor Mount Upgrade

You must print the junction box which helps with wire management ( "Metal Motor Mount Shroud . . ." ).  Instructions for upgrading from V3b and V4


4 Point Leveling Upgrade

Download Assembly Guide    


Probe Upgrade

Download Assembly Guide    


LCD for the M3

Download Installation Guide