Meet our Precision Machines

Round holes, smooth surfaces, clean layer changes, and sharp corners

Our printers have been called the workhorses of 3D printing. Excelling in precision, consistency, and durability over the long-haul, MakerGear printers deliver outstanding dimensional accuracy on both external and internal features. 

Join the thousands of other users who have grown or strengthened their businesses by incorporating MakerGear into their workflows. Let us help you pivot quickly and competently as an innovator in your industry. 

Our printers are easy-to-use and built to last:

  • With a steel frame and CNC machined cast aluminum construction, each of our printers are engineered and manufactured to provide industrial level precision with a compact footprint.
  • Our True-Level heated print bed is easy to level, stays level, and removes the need for z-compensation (aka “auto-leveling”).
  • Our open-source electronics and firmware give you the versatility to print in a wide range of mediums and using the software of your choice. We are committed to finding ways to give you the freedom to accomplish your projects, your way.
  • With our dedicated tech support and active user community, you have a 3D printing package that can’t be beat. 


Meet Our Customers

We work with customers across many industries to bring 3D solutions to their businesses. See how they're saving time and money, and growing their businesses with MakerGear.



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