MakerGear Micro 3D Printer Kit

This 3D printed 3D printer is designed to be a fun and easy-to-build open source project for anyone and everyone! With so many of our customers being in education, we set out to create the perfect tool for STEM education that not only encourages students to use their school's 3D printers but also helps them better understand the mechanics and technology behind them.

Don't just make your own 3D printer; make that 3D printer your OWN- Unleash your creativity and use any color of almost any filament to 3D print your own fully customized MakerGear Micro on your MakerGear M2 or M3 (or nearly any midsize desktop 3D printer). The STEP files are available if you'd like to improve or modify the printed parts and the hardware sets are prepped for easy assembly with no crimping or soldering required. If you prefer to get right into building on day 1, we also offer a kit with the printed parts included.

A more accessible 3D printing experience- The MakerGear Micro is a perfect project for kids and adults alike with little or no experience necessary. Order your MakerGear Micro kit today and get yourself, your kids, your grandkids and/or your students involved in this awesome project.

Hardware only: All of the hardware (pre-crimped and pre-soldered for easy assembly) needed to build a MakerGear Micro. 

Hardware + Printed Parts: All of the hardware plus all of the printed parts (orange pla).

1 week lead time.