The Future of MakerGear

The Future of MakerGear - we are looking to be acquired
As we posted in May on the MakerGear website, due to significant supply chain disruptions - higher costs and long lead-times - it has become too problematic for MakerGear to keep printers in stock. We can’t get parts and/or they’ve become too expensive. Additionally, this is the second major supply chain disruption in the last four years – the first disruption resulted from the tariffs that started in 2018. And, there was COVID in between. And, some of the tariffs are still in place and continuing to add cost. MakerGear is a small, self-funded business and the impact of major disruption after major disruption is more than we can absorb.
In order to deal with these challenges, we have scaled back operations. At this moment, we are selling our existing printer inventory, trying to maintain a consistent stock of spare parts and providing technical support. As we sell out of printers, we do not know when (or if) we’ll be able to restock. 
For MakerGear to move beyond this transitional period, we are looking for new leadership. We are seeking an individual, team or entity to take over MakerGear. This could be either through a direct acquisition or it can be done through a transition plan (explained below).
This will require an individual or team with engineering, sales, marketing, and operational experience. MakerGear has solid existing product lines, thousands of customers and we are well established in the Additive industry. Our business model that focuses on building quality products, providing excellent customer service, and making as much as possible in the US has worked well for many years but the challenges over the last four years have seriously hindered our ability to innovate. The new team will need to be able to invest in innovation while engineering costs out of the existing products.
If you are passionate about what MakerGear does, have a vision for what we can be and, most importantly, have the demonstrable ability to execute that vision, we’d like to talk to you.
If you have capital and would be interested in directly acquiring MakerGear, please contact us.
If you have the experience and skills but lack capital, contact us as we are open to working out a transition plan for the right person/team. In other words, for the right person or team, we’ll make the transition as painless and low-risk as possible.
MakerGear is currently in year fourteen, we have thousands of customers and we have solid existing product lines. We are seeking the person or team that can take MakerGear beyond what we have been able to accomplish and provide continuity and a path forward for the MakerGear community. If this resonates with you, contact us. And, please share this message so that we can find that connection…

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Regardless of how this all unfolds, it has been our privilege and honor to serve the MakerGear community,
Rick & Karen