V4 Nozzle

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Suited for the V4 Hot End, this nozzle is precision-machined from brass and is available in four different extrusion diameters:

  • 0.25 mm.
  • 0.35 mm (standard).
  • 0.50 mm.
  • 0.75 mm.

*This product does not include the V4 Hot End

To swap a nozzle, it is important to remove the hot end from the mount first or the barrel will likely be damaged.  Please watch these videos on removing your V4 hot end from the mounting plate and removing the nozzle from your V4 hot end.

Please Note: Once a new nozzle has been installed onto a barrel, do not install that same nozzle onto a different barrel or leakage may occur. As you install a new nozzle onto a barrel, a small amount of material is removed from the nozzle to create a custom fit. This makes the nozzle incompatible with any other barrel due to the slight variations in tolerances among different barrels.

Each $20 purchase is for one nozzle.

Nozzle Diameter