MakerGear Takes Gold

November 06, 2020

MakerGear Takes Gold

From October 20th to 23rd, 2020 the USAF Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) held the first ever Advanced Manufacturing Olympics (AMO). The group at RSO crafted five technical challenges that represented the types of challenges they face maintaining legacy aircraft and weapons systems. When the AMO was envisioned, it was going to be a live event held in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately those plans were derailed and they were forced to switch to a virtual event.

We found out about the AMO just a day before the application deadline and did not fully appreciate the magnitude of the opportunity when we applied for the Technical Data Package (TDP) Relay. A few weeks after applying, we received notice that we'd been accepted and then a few weeks later there was a virtual kick-off event where we learned the details of the challenge.

The objective of the TDP Relay, as explained in the following videos, was to recreate a 3D Printed part from an existing technical data package. The following video contains a short segment explaining the TDP Relay and then shows awards ceremony :)

 The following video is a 55 minute detailed review of the TDP Relay.

A huge thank you to the USAF RSO for dreaming up and producing the virtual AMO. We very much enjoyed participating and are honored to be one of the gold medalists in the inaugural event. 

Full coverage of the 2020 AMO can is posted here.