MakerGear M2 on The World's Stage

July 25, 2016

MakerGear M2 on The World's Stage

Photo Left to Right: German Chancellor Merkel, President Obama, MakerGear CEO Rick Pollack, and Lieutenant Governor of Ohio Mary Taylor

The M2 on the World's Stage

When JobsOhio invited us to demonstrate the M2’s capabilities last in April at Hannover Messe in Germany, the world’s largest trade show focused on advanced manufacturing technologies, we booked our tickets to Germany and immediately began gathering printed examples of our customers’ creations to showcase on the world stage. From the prosthetic hand created by students at the Mayfield Innovation Center to the cosplay props and functional prototypes that stood on display, our goal from the very beginning was to convey the sheer diversity of what’s possible in 3D printing. As excited as we were to share our story with thousands of attendees from around the world, we could have never expected what came next.

Our founder and CEO, Rick Pollack kicked off the event with a visit from President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor (OH) at the MakerGear booth, where they got a chance to discuss how MakerGear is laying a foundation for the resurgence of US advanced manufacturing in the 21 st Century.

Check out Google's  360° video for an even closer look!

After discussing ways in which MakerGear is boosting local manufacturing while also driving global commerce, President Obama indicated he may have a new occupation once he leaves office next January, saying "I might have to get one.  After I get out of office I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands, so I can start designing some things."

All we can say to that is, we'd love to to see an Obama 3D original, Mr. President.

We'd be happy to get you up and running with your first MakerGear M2.