Join the MakerGear Virtual Toy Drive

June 30, 2020

Join the MakerGear Virtual Toy Drive

Imagine that you are 11 years old and have spent most of your life in the hospital. Three transplant operations with a total of 15, yes fifteen, organs have already been replaced. And, now COVID-19 further restricts your interactions. 

Meet Khaled, he's embracing a  one-of-a-kind giant, silver scorpion with an articulated tail. The scorpion was designed, based on Khaled's interests, by MakerGear employee, Ivan Meszaros. While Ivan was able to create the 3d model in only a handful of hours on Zbrush and Fusion 360, he took several days printing, painting and detailing the piece. We kinda get the sense that Khaled likes it!

So, we had an idea…

With so many people at home and COVID cases on the rise again, let’s engage the Maker community and Make a difference. Here is an opportunity to put your maker skills (not limited to 3d printing) to work by making custom toys and gifts for hospitalized kids. Imagine you are young, hospitalized and your family may not be able to visit you.

In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic art therapy department, MakerGear is hosting a 21st century virtual Toy Drive. Our goal is to get the amazing maker community involved in creating something special for as many kids as possible!

Here are some ideas but just be creative and I’m sure whatever you create will be deeply appreciated: Minecraft or farm animals (e.g., sheep, cow, or goat), sun & moon, aliens, dinosaurs, a Yorkshire terrier, Animal Crossing characters, Ninjago, WWE figures, Elsa, a baby scorpion…just put your heart into it.

Please take durability into consideration when designing your toys as they will be handled by children. 
Send your creations to:

Attn: Toy Drive
23632 Mercantile Rd., Unit G
Beachwood, OH 44122

And we’ll get them to the kids. Be sure to include your contact information. It is our hope that as a community of makers, we can come together with our creativity and ingenuity to give these kids a one-of-a-kind toy they’ll cherish for years. If you are planning to send a toy, please let us know at toydrive@makergear.com.

Please share this with friends so the message spreads far and wide!