Gotta Print 'Em All!

August 12, 2016

Gotta Print 'Em All!

Have you been swept up in PokémonGO fever? We sure have. Though, we may have been having more fun printing 'em than catching 'em!

Fun and Fast - Low Res Prints

The MakerGear factory has been humming with M2s printing 3D  Pokémon of our own. These were quick and easy, low-resolution prints, each taking about an hour to an hour and a half for the 4-6 inch tall  Pokémon

And this week, we took some of them down to Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center. We heard it was a hotspot for  PokémonGO  lures, with many reports of rare Pokémon to be caught there. Sure enough, we found plenty of fellow Trainers down by the waterfront and it made our day to pass out some of their favorite  Pokémon in real life. We hope it made theirs too!


For even more  Pokémon fun, s upport your team by heading to  www.makergear.com/pages/ pokemon  to download your faction badge model! #teamvalor #teaminstinct #teammystic