The Ultimate Workhorse for 3D Printing: MakerGear Unveils the M3

May 04, 2017

The Ultimate Workhorse for 3D Printing: MakerGear Unveils the M3

MakerGear® announced today a new generation of desktop 3D printers geared toward industry and education. The   MakerGear M3  and  M3 Independent Dual  debut at the RAPID + TCT 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing show in Pittsburgh, PA May 8-11, 2017.  

This new generation of MakerGear 3D printers offers advancements that build on MakerGear’s precision machined systems and designs that emphasize performance and enable continuous, 24/7 operation. With features that make it easier than ever to leverage the advantages of 3D printing — such as True-Leveling™, wifi connectivity, wireless control, and an integrated user interface — the M3 comes in two distinct formats targeting both advanced and new users: M3 Independent Dual (M3-ID) and M3 Single Extrusion (M3-SE) .

For businesses and professionals looking for the most advanced functionality available, the M3 Independent Dual offers a faster, more efficient, and more reliable solution to the growing demand for multi-material and soluble-material 3D printing. Additionally, the M3's independent (rather than fixed) dual extrusion system enables users to double production speed for single-material prints using the M3-ID's Mimeo Mode.

For professionals new to 3D printing or for those looking to keep it simple, the M3-SE makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to harvest the benefits of professional 3D printing. In addition to a host of new features, the MakerGear M3's rigid steel frame offers superior durability and long-term precision while its high-temperature V4 hot end provides extreme material versatility — backed by a 12-month warranty and free, in-house support, the MakerGear M3 is the ultimate workhorse for professional 3D printing.

The MakerGear M3 extends the company’s performance-oriented brand, which has resulted in its products being ranked #1 globally in desktop 3D printing for three consecutive years by 3D Hubs annual 3D printer review. MakerGear’s flagship 3D printer is currently ranked as the #1 “Workhorse 3D Printer” while also standing at the top of 3D Hubs’   3D Printer Index.  

MakerGear Founder & CEO Rick Pollack says, “Our new products have the functionality and performance to meet the growing needs of professionals and educators. We have a standing commitment to provide excellent products with expert support. With the M3, we stand firmly behind this philosophy.” Pollack continued, “MakerGear has a long tradition of helping our customers achieve optimal results, and today, we are expanding our footprint with the long awaited M3. And continuing our commitment to our community, we are proud that it is primarily manufactured in and around our headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio.”

The MakerGear M3 is available for pre-order from   MakerGear.com  and select distributors in the US with global distribution available by mid-2017. More details about the machine are available at:   http://www.makergear.com/m3.

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